Oct 27, 2021

How to get back into swimming after the Covid-19 lockdowns

How to get back into swimming after the Covid-19 lockdowns

Freedom is finally here! With Victoria’s 6th (and hopefully final) lockdown ending on Thursday the 21st of October, a return to the pool and regular training is on the cards. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when returning to swimming that can help you get back into the swing of things and avoid injury!

1. Don’t go too hard too early

With everyone being keen to hop back in the pool, especially with summer kicking in, it is easy to forget that our bodies need time to adjust. 

  • Get an idea of where you’re at. It is inevitable that you will have lost some feel and fitness in the water so spend some time in the pool to gauge how your body feels and set a benchmark distance/session count. 
  • After you’ve set a realistic benchmark, ease back into swimming and start increasing distance and effort session by session, rather than pushing yourself to the limit straight away and risking injury. 

2. Be consistent

After the initial excitement for the pool has worn off and the reality sets in of how far your swimming may have regressed, it will be easy to feel unmotivated and flat. The key is consistency!

  • Set training times and stick to them. Your lost fitness won’t come back in a day. 
  • Get back into your old swimming habits. Try to work on technique and skills as drilling them sooner is always better.
  • Try to make it as easy as possible on your body to perform and recover by eating and sleeping well.

3. Renew motivation 

Starting back at swimming after such a long time can be daunting. It can be helpful to see it as an opportunity to try something new and start afresh. Finding new motivation can be a great way to get you back in the pool. 

  • Swim with a friend or a squad who can make swimming a lot more enjoyable and hold you accountable.
  • Get some new swimming gear. New goggles or bathers can be a perfect gift to yourself to get you motivated. 
  • Set new goals. Start off by setting new, more relevant, goals that can aid you in recovering lost form and even improve.

With pools back open, and competitions on the horizon, be sure to use these tips to make sure your first session back isn't rusty!

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